Med. / Engg. entrance CRASH - VIDEO course

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  • 68 hours - 28 GB video classes
  • Video classes with precise theory, problems and its solutions
  • Access to large question pool

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Med. / Engg. entrance video revision course

Duration :  68 hours
Size: 28 GB
Teachers: selected from best Med./ Engg. entrance coaching centers
Scope: Video classes with precise theory, problems and its solutions
Learning Method:Modules are framed by including inter-related chapters from Plus One and Plus Two curriculum
Requirements :PC/TAB/ SMART PHONE, Windows/ Android
Available in :USB/Memory Card

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Details :

The entrance crash courses are prepared for the students who are attending various Med./Engg. entrance exams like NEET,JEE, etc. . Each students get a course kit which contains video classes, PDF kit and eLearning app. The video classes are organized in precise theory with important questions and its explanations.PDF kit contains important questions and its explanations. eLearning app is comprised of self-evaluation test series. Each students get online access to a series of test with large set of question and its explanations

How to use it in your system?
The courses are prepared as applications.You get the course in USB/Memory card. It can be installed in either Windows or Android system. In Windows systems, it is in “exe” format and video requires unique key for activation. In Android systems, we supply a special player to view the videos. The player has to be installed first. You should keep the courses in memory card to be detected by video player. An activation key will be provided by Tuteone for each installation.
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